Frequently Asked Questions

The data, reports & other information that an Livelesson ERP provides are designed and developed to be error-free. During and after the development of Livelesson School ERP software, the software goes through multiple quality assurance tests to ensure that the reports and data outputs are error-free.

The top management of a school can look for the school ERP to generate various reports Like all student lists class wise, fees pending list, teachers lists etc which help in compliance and decision-making. The top management can also expect to improve the communication between teachers and parents. There are also many other expectations of top management that can be achieved with a school ERP.

Working on the educational abilities of instructors and working on the scholastic execution of understudies don't come straight forwardly under the extent of a school ERP programming. Yet, a school ERP can assist with accomplishing these objectives through the different information it gathers which can be broke down to grasp the scholastic presentation and academic abilities of a school.

The admin, teachers and school staff can access information from the school ERP & any information feed from their homes. There is no need to visit any one the school premises to do the same. Require only a computer with a good internet connection.

Yes. this school ERP can help the leaders and teachers in making decisions at different levels. The different reports generated in school ERP starting with various reports of students which help the leaders in making the right decisions.

ERP system will not be a burden for the teachers and the other staff if implemented properly and enough resources are kept on the payroll to manage the ERP software.

Yes we will provide training for our admins and teachers and non teaching staff also as per requirements