Administrator Portal

Now the complex and a lot of time-wasting day to day administrative techniques can be carried out within a hassle-free manner. The school authority is able to get access of software tool with the usage of an interactive graphical dashboard illustration, Live Lesson provide a wonderful fully customisable administrator portal for schools and colleges. So it is easy to take the best decision for the school management system for further growth. It permits the powerful authorities like Principal to view compiled information of complete student as well as staff and other related issues. Also, this ERP provides administrator portal to view the admission related information based on graphical illustration. Live Lesson provide a key feature and strength to school to automated online admission process.

The spotlight of the finance portal is very user-friendly dashboard, which depicts the records like day wise collection and remaining dues. A reliable payroll module permits processing of staff salaries along with synchronizing personnel attendance and other related information in just one click. It additionally provides the option to generate the TC and salary slips and different critical files within fraction of seconds school management system is highly featured portal available for administrator portal dashboard. Apart from this, the document can be also organized based on the salary of staff disbursement to the bank and other essential statistics like revenue advancement and loans for staff can also be maintained. This sturdy software guarantees that processes are carried in a streamlined manner. Live Lesson is the best school management software in the India, provide the following key features as appended below.

Key Features

  • Time saving
  • Fully automated school management system
  • Separate dashboard for Admin portal
  • Student Live Lesso facility
  • Fully automated HR Modules
  • Pay slip generation and Staff Management
  • Record Tracking and report generation
  • Old data migration in the administrator portal
  • Taxation and refunds
  • ID’s and student management
  • SMS alerts and announcement
  • Fully automated e-library management system
  • Profile management of staff and student
  • Password change of individual login
  • Exam management software fully automated.
  • Analytical view for administrator portal