Hostel Management

Live Lesson offers a wide range of hostel management system with fully automated accommodation system platform for schools and colleges student hostel management. This school management system has an efficiently to manage the entire residential facility in the school or collages along with messing and menu management. Our college hostel management module reducing the staff and paper works, this Student Hostel Management software will keep the updated records of students, guest, rooms, bed, floor attendance, hostel attendance block attendance, their meal, lodging, transfer room and other feature support.

Live Lesson School ERP come with advanced cloud-based Hostel Management system for paperless hostel management. School ERP Mobile App interface as well for opportune experience. It covers many important aspects of hostel management software.


We provided hostel accommodation based on the availability of rooms in block and floor wise, even we manage the room type like single set or double set accommodation. If recording hostel details which is not listed, custom fields can be added to record any time for additional information by the collages/ school.


Student Hostel Management and College Hostel Management should be loaded with strong reporting system, as in this school erp warden can generate any specific report of hostel / block / floor / room. Live Lesson school erp hostel management system provide a quick method to access specific data in one page in the Institute Management System with single dashboard access.


Hostel Management Software provide strong features about role-based approval of guest room, room creation and allocation. School ERP have a facility to capture the record of guest room check IN and OUT facility with time tracking.

College Hostel Management is a module of live lesson which provides highly automated leave management records of block, floor, and room. College Hostel Management module provide multiple check IN and single check in / out facility.


Hostel Management software integration with third party erp, these features provide to school / collages with ongoing any other school erp, we are position to migrate our hostel management system with third party ERP or Student Hostel Management.

School Management System should be pre-loaded with single and multiple admission module its help school to customize their working style. Live Lesson provide direct fee collection and direct admission module in hostel management system. We also provide customized dashboard and user friendly UI to the collages and hostel institute.

Students – To Boost-Up the Learning Activities

To get the knowledgein-advanced, this school ERP program is the user-friendly software program for each student. Students might be without difficulty in a position to check the syllabus for exams and take a look at or even submit homework and assignments in various supported formats and in addition to that, students can apply leaves and requests within the software very easily. This advanced school ERP software program also notifies the pupil when any on-line live lessons or quiz are scheduled in order such that student cannotleave or skip any of them. Apart from that, this software program lets in school students to checkall the crucial information like attendance, circular, or timetable etc.

Apart from this, the eminent function of E-learning is available for the students which allows students to get school made sources for studying in numerous codecs like presentation, audio, or video classes that helps the student to understand the context and topics properly and easily. In addition to that, advanced functions like discussion board come along, so that students can talk their doubts and queries at the end of the session or class. Also, there is one special option namely “Forget Password” in case anyone neglects the credentials, they are easily able to reset the password without any issueand use the ERP tool again without any panic condition.

Teachers – To Upgrade the Teaching

Now instructors/teachers/mentors may be capable of easily analyse the complete class or a single student’s overall performance using the easy to break graphical representation dashboards. This ERP software program permits teachers to gauge the performance of students on all the factors without any issue. So it guaranteesto provide error-free lesson planning to students.

This smart schoolERP software program permits the class trainer or concern trainer to conduct on-line quizzes, audio, or video based on each context. Also, this neatly designed and strong faculty software program allows the trainer or teacher or mentor to share the link which lets the students to hook up with live lessons without any issue. Apart from that,  theinstructors are capable of access the particular student details like his guardian details, or any other required information without any issue. It additionally allows the difficulty instructors to enter the rankings put up evaluation and keeps the assessment marks. Along with the choice to mark the scholar’s attendance, it lets the teacher to facilitate the entire student’s information with the parents.


  • Hostel information
  • Assigning of hostel, room, bed to students.
  • Room registration and bed allotment.
  • Assigning vacated rooms.
  • Enhanced security through RFID/Biometric/Smart card.
  • Room transfer within hostel.
  • Monitor visitors’ entry.
  • Robust and Stable.
  • Error free and effective.
  • Hostel inmate management.
  • Monitor entry/exits.
  • Mess/inventory management.
  • Tracking of student movement and attendance details.
  • Mess attendance for students and employees.
  • Pay hostel fee- student wise, staff wise.
  • Caution deposit details.
  • Create hostel fee collection date.
  • Fee collection details.
  • Manage hostel fee collection.
  • Paid and due fee reports.
  • Daily Hostel attendance facility
  • E-alerts to parents/guardians regarding attendance, fees due etc.
  • Reports on reservation, occupants, fees and visitors.


  • Occupants detail report
  • Reservation Details
  • Log in/out detail
  • Hostel Fee Collection Report
  • Hostel Fee Dues Report
  • Visitors Report
  • Guest Report
  • Conduct Certificate
  • Letter for Mess Concession
  • Residential Certificate
  • Letter : Hostel Advice / Caution Deposit
  • Items Details Report
  • Mess Fee Collection Report
  • Mess Fee Dues Report
  • Application : Vacating/Vacation/Leave
  • No Dues Certificate

The main aim of the school is to deliver the safety as well as comfort to all the students and to keep a bird’s eye view of Warden on all the hostel activities. This feature include allotment of room and rent to the student, schedule and manage all the hostel fees collection, generate a voice as per requirement, to get analyse the report in case of changing of room.