Inventory Management

Live Lesson provide best ERP Software module for school in the inventory management system which will help to maintain school assets record, stock records and others inventory category records. Inventory management has always been tough to manage specially for school collages and institute. So, inventory management is very to handle School Administration so that the institute will work smartly with keeping the stock.

Purchase Orders: There is no need to hold coping with the books and manage other buy orders. Admin can directly check the Purchase orders in this Inventory Management System. Once added, the admin has the choice to Print PDF and check the records. School ERP provide support to admin to categorized their assets and value in the inventory records.  Short stock and long-term planning also can be possible with the help of school inventory management software

Stock and sections: It’s very easy to view the list of complete stock in a single view and admin also can view all the information about one specific item. Different businesses can also be created for the distribution of inventory. It is also to generate sub-sections in the software. Items can easily be allotted to the sections or even subsections can easily be created. School ERP provide role based manage of Inventory management system.

Managing made easy: Admin can create and manage Items (which includes Stationery, Uniforms, Books etc.) which institute needs to distribute among students and/or schools. To add and manage is very easy with the help of this gadgets. The admin can also view the seller records. School management system provide dead stock management and deficiency record management heads in the inventory management.

Item management: In this Software the admin can take in request for the precise gadgets or items. The rightful authority can decide whether or not to accept the request. If request is genuine, the quantity will be deducted from stock automatically in the school management system. Software provides the feature of track your old and new procurement and sales transactions of the item.

Faster documentation: Live lesson inventory management provide a feature like proactive tracking of deadlines and keep record of every transaction.



The following Key feature provide by live lesson in the inventory management module.

  • Separate dashboard with dynamic view
  • Analytical graph and view
  • User friendly interface
  • Data backup and restore facility
  • Highly secure and bug free
  • Category wise item distribution
  • Stock in and stock out records
  • Repot generation in various formats
  • Inventory holders list
  • Inventory transfer to another person
  • Transfer inventory to another institute or branch
  • Calculate repair cost
  • Manage new item demand and role-based approval
  • ERP give a complete visibility & control of over assets.
  • School can maximize asset use and reduce maintenance costs
  • Indian school and collages highly demanded inventory management system