Online Examination

The online examination system is very helpful to define the assessment, its exam pattern that maybe descriptive or multiple-choice questions, explain all the grading rules as well as objective of exam and revaluation rules. Live Lesson provide Online Examination Software module for school and collages where the institute can easily conduct the exam smoothly. A separate module is available for online Assessment System for the staff its give wide strength to institute to manage staff evaluations.

The School Management System having with the following features:

  • It is very easy for the teacher to set up the question paper easily and easy to upload in the school erp software.
  • Due to this digital facility, it is easy to monitor the student data.
  • Due to user id identification as well as password verification it is very easy to conduct the exam with confidentiality as well as security. Apart from that it is easy to postpone the test or ask the student to re-test the exam whenever required.
  • It is easy to create multiple questionnaires, easy to upload the content in various formats, easy to evaluate the exam and credit results, and easy to provide feedback to the student.
  • It is very helpful to boost the productivity of teacher to analyze and evaluate the student in a very short interval of time
  • Online Examination Management System save the staff time and man load
  • Best Online Examination Software in the market
  • Online Assessment System is the part of evaluation system here user can assess their knowledge