Transport Management

Live Lesson provide the location-based vehicle tracking system it bring into reality and integrate the extraordinary concept for the safety of your students. School transport is playing an important role in the educational domain. For the all-parents students’ safety is the supreme priority of any school and collages. Live Lesson provide the safety layer around this feature and make it stronger transport management system for the schools and collages along with School Bus Transport Management App and other add on feature like School Bus Transport Tracking Management software for School ERP.

School guarantees the parents by providing an ultra-modern and real time tracking school transport management system that manages transport operation in the school ERP. It enables features for school to no more continuous calls from parents if a school bus is delayed mean the parents and staff as they are well known of the bus departure schedule. If any change in the schedule school bus transport management app will give alert in advance through the SMS or voice call campaign. Parents also can track real time location of school transport from his parents’ app login.

SO let the all stakeholders of School Management System a respire easy as school transport is measured a crucial duty for everyone. School Bus Transport Tracking Management enable to school manage their expense and staff allocation along with route map and route number. School transport management software provide your students’ safety, time saving, and cost saving solution for institution. Live Lesson provide India best third generation school management system in the school ERP.

School Transport Management System provide student safety security and expense management like fuel management, route management, vendor management, transport fee management and more.

The features are given below:

  • It is easy to plan and manage the entire transportation operation with this tool.
  • It is easy to manage the routing and stoppage school bus, and fuel expenses.
  • It is easy to manage licence renewal as well as repair information, pollution check certificate etc.
  • The bus routes as well as allotment of states are easily manageable.
  • The vehicle routes with pickup and drop off facility is sent to every student and his parents.
  • It also enhances the safety of students as well as staff members and drivers.
  • It is easy to manage vehicle in and out timings based on mobile applications.
  • Teachers can easily access the vehicle route and stoppage.
  • The parents as well as student can easily call the driver.
  • The parents and students can easily access the driver profile.
  • They can easily submit transportation fees online.
  • Parents check the estimated time of arrival.
  • In house and vendor vehicle record and tracking.
  • Vehicle documents expiry maintenance record tracking.
  • User friendly school ERP UI.
  • Easy to operate module.
  • School Bus Transport Tracking Management, training before implementation.

Graphical chart view of expenses and bus records.