Core Essential Modules

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Live Lesson ERP, the best-in-class School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions to meet all their emerging technological and administrative requirements.

The School Management ERP tool which is best student management system open source enhances the efficiency, and productiveness in the school. The solution is cloud primarily based and supports numerous contemporary technologies along with online fee with the help of gateway, biometric, cellular apps, electronic mail indicators, and many more. School management software program is an agile and may be tailored in line with the requirements of the institution.

Here are the core and essential modules that shape Live Lesson’s outmost efficiency.

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Easy-to-use Mobile App

The Android and IOS Mobile Apps are user-friendly and easy to operate by teachers, parents, accountant, librarian, students and other staff members.

We provide best school mobile app for all needs of the school and institute to reduce task of parents and management, itimproves performance of managementwork and save time of the parents.

Mobile App for Admin

Easy to handle and use by school administration without any security risk.

Mobile app for Students

Permits understudies to continue and access their scholastics in a smooth and efficient way

Mobile app for Management

The administration can either check or support the exercises of different clients at whenever

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School ERP program the best software for schools is designed to check and document the numerous activities of an educational institution. The institute management software or academy management software has all of the modules that help school and staff workers to maintain all student information like handling academic data, costs control, timetable control, and all other required statistics of the institution.

Overall it is a very good development to manage the entire administrative task in the institution.

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Frequently Asked Question

Uran info covered with our LMS solutions by providing an easy-to-use with all modern facility, social and mobile learning experience from anywhere. Engage with your employees, student and parents—no matter where they are or what devices they use because we use IoT environment software.

Today many assessment and accreditation ERP Solutions look the same on the surface. But when you start digging and dig deeper, you’ll see why Uran is clearly better for helping you improve institutional learning and effectiveness of technology.

  • Choose only the solutions that best fit your needs and position for success
  • Part of a comprehensive, flexible platform
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

The Digital Assistant is equipped with aoverabundance of responses and services to ensure students can meet the most of their basic and advance needs via customer support and training.

The list down what all features selected erp solution is offering and whether those features are meeting your institute requirementor not.

The requirement of every school is different check with the ERP Provider whether the solution can be customized according to your institution’s requirements or not. Learn how customization packages work and understand pricing strategy.

If you want that your institute staff use erp solution in effectively manners, hence make sure that your school ERPProvide detailed training session of all the topic.

Complete data security of students and school staff members in the ERP. Apart from this, crosscheck data backup facility must be available in safe manner.

Latest News

Live lesson made a school ERP with new education policy 2020 and staff online recruitment system Grievance Redressal System, New HR and Inventory System. This is one of the most advanced integrations inthe ERP System. Grievance Redressal Systemmarked great change in the colleges take upon grievances of their students and parents grievance management.


24 Nov, 2018

Our Student Management Module

The School management system erp has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Online Class, Mobile Learning, Examinations, Grade Books, Hostel and Library, School Calendar, Transportation, Events, and lots of other things

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12 Sep, 2018

Our Activity for the Student

Kids activity session for the newly inducted student along with smart library management and online video and quiz. The interesting topics and writing skills are deliver by our special animation software development team. We provide basic online computer coding classes for the junior level schools.

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29 Dec, 2018

Migration of ICT Devices

The online student management system is also an awesome collaboration device using its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog, and Videoconference plugins. There is an internal messaging gadget inside the school ERP.

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